PinkRope is Plaid + Stripe for healthcare data.

It is the only real-time API that connects to healthcare providers in the US to make patient records instantly accessible to physicians irrespective of their EHRs.


Currently, there is no easy way to access patient records on-demand.

Patient records are siloed in the respective hospitals and clinics where patients are seen. Due to regulation, these records are published daily to fragmented regional and national data networks in a clunky batch format. This makes any patient data near impossible to parse because of how repetitive, redundant and massive the data networks are.

Inevitably, providers end up only ever sending up their data for compliance, but rarely ever read this data because the costs and complexities associated with accessing any particular patient records would require dedicated data engineering teams.

Fragmentation of EHR solutions only aggravates this issue. With no communication efforts between any of the top nor tail end solutions, many patients in the country continue to suffer from many problems that range from financial (costing them additional tens of thousands of dollars), to even being fatal in many occasions. These problems could manifest in the form of:


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PinkRope is a real-time API that directly connects to healthcare providers.

When providers or EHRs make a request through our API, we efficiently source and gather all the necessary patient records to deliver them to our user in the format that fits their needs.

By connecting solely to our single API, users will get access to patient records from all health providers across the nation. PinkRope handles all aspects of authenticating, parsing, mapping, transferring and piping relevant data on behalf of our users as long as they integrated our small chunk of code into their system. As such, PinkRope ends up being the cheapest, easiest and fastest way for them to retrieve patient records in real time.

Market landscape

Stakeholder Main objective Buyer, user or opposition Why
Healthcare providers
(eg. NYU Langone, Weill Cornell, Mt Sinai) Provide care to patients Buyer Providers can improve patient outcomes and improve business when they have full patient history via PinkRope.
(eg. EPIC, Cerner, Allscripts) Provide a UI layer to providers to manage patient records Buyer EHRs want to help providers achieve best patient outcomes (B2B2C model) by providing them all the right information at the right time. PinkRope gives them an easier and cheaper way to improve their products.
Data networks
(eg. HIEs, RHIOs, Carequality, Commonwell) Help providers remain complaint to federal interoperability mandates Opposition PinkRope will enable providers to bypass data networks while still remaining compliant.
Patients Improve their health outcomes User Through PinkRope, patients can stay on top of their medical history and communicate easily with their providers how to improve their health outcomes

Why now

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